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Who is behind Bright Harvest?

Bright Harvest is founded by Qlik veterans Miha Batiç and Vincent Peters. Miha was a senior implementation consultant at Qlik for several years and worked after that with one of the larger Indian IT service providers. Vincent had several Vice President roles in Qlik – managing a large region and for the last period responsible for the global OEM business of Qlik. Miha and Vincent worked for many years with many different Qlik Solution Providers and OEM's in many countries around the world. Based on that experience, Miha and Vincent selected amongst the best recourses to guarantee high quality delivery for a very affordable price tag. 

Who is developing my application?

Bright Harvest is responsible for the whole process. Start to finish. We work with qualified, experienced Qlik experts ‘off shore’ or 'near shore'. 

That basically means we get a lot of the work done in countries where the costs of IT experts is lower than in Western Europe, USA and Canada. The main provider we work with is RBC in Ukraine - a Qlik partner with more than 10 years of experience. 

And 'we' are based in The Netherlands - at 'The Base' in Schiphol Airport.


How does the design process work?

After you have completed the simple questionair, you get a quote for the development and support. If you've questions, you can contact our client support desk. Otherwise, you accept the quote, sign the order and begin the real process.

First, we provide you with a set of electronic templates in order to gather all information required. Next, we schedule a call in order to go through your provided information, to verify and clarify. Based on that dialogue, we are going to create a functional design proposal. 

Once you've reviewed that, you either accept the design or have another dialogue with us to clarify and enhance your specifications. At the moment you've agreed on the functional design we also agree on how we can access test-data and eventually how we can hook up to the real production data. Whilst you work on making the data available, we start with developing the domain, make the data-model, create the loadscripts etc.

At the agreed time, we expect that we can load the test data and verify our load-scripts, the data, the relationships etc. And we make a first design of the sheets of the dashboard. etc. etc. etc.

How can you deliver so cheap?

You might know that large cooperates use extensively large Indian offshore partners to get very cost effective IT professionals to work for them. But – unless you are such a large corporate, that price advantage is not available to you and you pay the price for it. These large (often) Indian resource providers are simply not interested in doing business with you unless you are large and can make a large multi-year commitment. Bright Harvest is changing all this. By standardizing the pricing, the delivery process and the application support, by minimizing the sales effort etc. we managed to make high quality Qlik consulting services available to you ‘on demand’. We’ve build smart processes, we use a bright configuration management system, we offer some powerful application templates, we benefit from super handy Qlik Extentions (not available on Qlik Sense Cloud yet) etc. in order to be super efficient in how we deliver.

Can I interact directly with a Bright Harvest Consultant?

Yes you can. Bright Harvest uses modern online communication methods like Skype to have a direct dialogue. Our client facing consultants all speak fluent English.


Can I get a consultant on site?

Yes. But in most cases not directly via Bright Harvest. Our focus is to develop and support world class Qlik applications remotely. But we do recognize that there are situations you want to interact with a consultant onsite. Bright Harvest cooperates with several local partners including Qlik Solution Providers that are more than happy to visit you on your premises.


How long does it take to develop my dashboard?

Depends on how the complexity of your application, the availability in our development centre and of course your availability. In general, it will take between 2 and 5 weeks from start to finish. Highly complex dashboards might take longer. If you start from scratsh, meaning we also have to build the domain first, 3 to 5 weeks is most realistic. If you want an additional dashboard on an existing domain and you're able to specify your requirements well, a medium sized dashboard can be build in two weeks.

Do you deliver support in my time zone?

Yes! Bright Harvest does provide application support during office hours in English in your time zone. In fact: we provide support 24*7 if necessary. For the normal questions, we are ready to handle your requests during office hours, but for serious 'severity 1' problems, you can reach us when you needed.

Can you offer the services in other currencies?

The default pricing is in €, and for most of the European countries, that is the currency we use. For UK we also have a pricelist in GBP and for USA and other countries outside Euope, we also have US$ pricing available.

What if my data is not perfect?

Our standard fixed prices work on the assumption of ‘good enough data’. That doesn’t mean your data must be perfect – but it should be good enough to load that data into the domain and see useful visualizations. In case you fix the data in your source systems and reload the data, you get automatically the improved data set in your dashboard. We can do some level of cleaning in the loadscripts. However, in case you have a serious problem, we can hook you up with one of our partners to help you to sort it out.


Can you help me fixing the data?

We can. Or we can put you in touch with partners of us that can do that.  It really depends of the scope of the problem. Certain problems, we can fix in the load-scripts. If you load historical data you cannot change – we can help you with creating a translation table that we use in the loadscript. So – we could for instance split territories or combine them if you changed them over time, we can use such a translation-table to rename clients, map historic products to current product categories etc. For this extra work, we will first have to make an assessment before we can give you a quotation for the extra costs.

What about GDPR Compliance?

Bright Harvest understands this topic very well. In the most ideal situation, your data doesn’t contain personal data so that GDPR compliance is not an issue. This can be either because of the nature of your business (business to business), the domain you want us to work on (business to business sales is very different from Human Resources or because you or your IT provides us with test data where you have ensured the link so real existing persons is removed via various techniques. Together, we can assess the situation to let you decide how to manage your data in relationship to GDPR compliance.

If desired, Bright Harvest can assist you in creating a test data set based on your production data. Bright Harvest has also for this a standard offering for you. We use enterprise class software for doing this. For an initial setup fee and a yearly subscription, you can now generate GDPR complient data sets for your Qlik dashboards for both development and test and for your production business intelligence environment.

What about sensitive data?

Bright Harvest understands this topic very well. Besides the fact you need to be GDPR compliant (see different FAQ), you might have sensitive data you want to change or mask without changing 'the shape' of your data. We can (for either only test and development or also for your production environment) help you to alter certain company sensitive data pieces automatically. If possible, the shape will stay the same so you can still analyse parterns and correlations. 

Bright Harvest can assist. Also for this, Bright Harvest has a standard offering for you using enterprise class software. For an initial setup fee and a yearly subscription, you can now generate GDPR complient data sets and mask other sensitive data for your Qlik dashboards for both 'development and test' and for your production business intelligence environment. Contact us for a quotation!

What about security?

Depending on your environment, we agree how to cooperate. If you work with Qlik Sense Cloud, it becomes relatively easy – in that case we just must agree how we get access to test data. If you use Qlik Sense 'on premise' or in a 'private cloud', we prefer to work on your development / test environment via Remote Desktop. We apply all necessary security measures including VPN to ensure a secure working environment. In this scenario, your data will never leave your environment. In case getting access via Virtual Desktop isn’t an option, we can create a secure environment on Microsoft Azzure, Amazon AWS or other environment you feel most comfortable with.




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