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Find out what Bright Harvest can do for Qlik OEM Partners

Integrate Qlik in your solution is a bright idea! You enhance your solution by providing out of the box Qlik Sense dashboards. Your clients will love it! But now, you need a partner to help you to fulfil your clients' requirements to tailor these dashboards, deliver support and upgrade these customized dashboards if you upgrade your core solution. If you tell your clients these integrated dashboards cannot be modified, you miss potential or force your clients to upgrade to a full license of Qlik Sense. But if you want to be responsive to your client needs, you might get distracted from your core business.

Bright Harvest is Qlik Partner

Delight your clients

By releasing integrated analytics in your offering, you will delight your clients and differentiate your solution from the competition. But your clients will request modifications of your integrated Qlik Sense dashboards. Now, your field sales force or your partner channel needs a good response. And 'no' isn't the best one. But: what to charge for a customization? And who is going to deliver that? Will you have to educate your consultants and your parnters in Qlik development? Bright Harvest will help you out. We are experts in understanding Qlik OEM implementations. We will provide you with standard pricing for client enhancement requests so you and your partners can respond quickly. And with confidence. Maximize the potential of your embedded Qlik solution without getting distracted from your core business.

Deliver World-class support for OEM

Deliver worldclass support

You embed Qlik Sense in your solution. And you deliver customizations to the embedded Qlik dashboards. The next problem arises: you have multiple clients with different dashboards. And they all want support. No issue if you partner with Bright Harvest. We enable you to manage all tailored dashboards leveraging http://In4BI.com. And we provide your Customer Support with a seperate helpdesk supportline of Bright Harvest they can involve to support your client. Without partnering with Bright Harvest, you need still to figure out how to manage the tailored configurations and educate multiple support engineers. By partnering with Bright Harvest, you save costs and deliver worldclass support!

If you are Qlik OEM, Bright Harvest can help you with your Business Intelligence Qlik Sense BI solutions

Upgrade swiftly!

You've embedded Qlik Sense in your core solution. You figured out how to deliver customization. And you also know Bright Harvest helps you with empowering your helpdesk to deliver worldclass support. Bright-Harvest goes further.. Because we know your world. Soon, you want to upgrade your core solution and release new stuff to stay ahead of the competition. But what about those tailored Qlik dashboards? Will they still work? Are you running the risk Qlik will slow you down? Not if you partner with Brigh Harvest. Because we will work with you to upgrade these tailored dashboards of your clients. Now, the picture is complete. You are covered!


Let's Qlik together. Don't wait longer than necessary. Don't pay more than we charge. Insist on proper application support using a professional configuration support system. And make sure you can get enhancement requests processed fast!

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