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Understand your clients' data and know what your clients want to see in their Qlik Sense dashboards and let Bright Harvest develop their solutions. You advice your clients, you help them to discover their needs and you sell the Qlik Sense licenses or subscriptions. We do the implementations. You focus on running your business and we work with you to deliver great Qlik solutions.

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Good Qlik technical resources are hard to find and even harder to keep. Recruitment of a Qlik expert is not easy. And you continously need to educate them in the latest release of Qlik Sense. Once you've educated the Qlik expert and got them up to a certain level, they often want to move on to become business consultant. Or they become independent because they see you pay high fees for their independent peers. Or you loose them because your Qlik expert couldn't resist the offer of a global system integrator. You work with independent contractors to scale. But it is painfull too. Because if your client wants an enhancement, that indepdent contractor is on another job or raised his fees again. Partnering with Bright Harvest means you get access to near-shore services without investment or upfront volume commitments. But with a long term supply for development resouces and world class application support. Now you can scale your business and focus on acquiring new clients, understanding their needs and help them to specify their requirements so you can tell us what to build.

Provide world class support!

Provide world class support

It is not enough to build a nice tailor made dashboard for your clients. Clients expect world class support. Their daily data-load fails. Or they discover a measure is wrong. And of course, after using the solution for a certain period, they have growing demands. Are you ready for that challange? Can you figure out what changes have been made over time? Do you have a helpdesk staffed up? And can you rappidly respond to new requirements? Is that independent developer still available? Acquiring a new client is not your biggest challenge. To keep them happy. To keep them satisfied whilst they have smaller and larger change requests. That requires a solid demand and deliver 'back-office'. If you're sold-out and your important clients have simple enhancement requests you cannot deliver? Or if you lost track of all changes made by various consultants? You might lose your clients, their Qlik support contract and their consulting business. Partnering with Bright Harvest helps you to stay on top of your clients' needs.


Let's Qlik together. Don't wait longer than necessary. Don't pay more than we charge. Insist on proper application support using a professional configuration support system. And make sure you can get enhancement requests processed fast!

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