Bright Harvest partners with technology partners and delivery partners. Check out here about our partnerships.

Bright Harvest is Qlik Partner

Technology Partners

Bright Harvest partners with Technology Partners in order to strengthen the offer we can bring to our clients. First of all, we of course partner with Qlik. A partnership with Qlik is important because that's the technology we use for developing your business intelligence solutions. In order to be allowed to be a Qlik partner, we have to have 'Qlik certified' staff working for us. And that is important for you to know. Because you want to be ensured you have Qlik experts working for you!

Bright Harvest partners with In4BI. In4BI is a supplier of a worl-class configuration management system. With this system, we are able to manage all the releases that we are managing. In4BI mainly delivers their platform to very large Qlik clients so that they can manage their releases. But for smaller clients, that isn't very practical. Bright Harvest uses In4BI for all solutions we develop and get under support via the support subscription. Via this proven system, we control what changes get made to your system, by when, by whom, what the differences are with the previous release etc. Leveraging the In4BI platform, Bright Harvest can streamline the development and support processes and guarantee our clients their configuration is properly managed.


Bright Harvest is &more partner

Qlik Solution Providers

Bright Harvest works directly with our clients. However, we also partner with Qlik Solution Providers and other Qlik Partners. First, we work for them helping them to fulfill the Qlik promise. In that scenario, they manage the overall project, do the data preperation, the needs analysisand the high level design. And they work with us to get the solutions build and supported. Secondly, we can involve partners in case we detect that our clients need additional services that Bright Harvest cannot deliver.

Bright Harvest partners with @More in The Netherlands. 



Let's Qlik together. Don't wait longer than necessary. Don't pay more than we charge. Insist on proper application support using a professional configuration support system. And make sure you can get enhancement requests processed fast!

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